Better Use of Land Using CPV Technology For Solar Power Plants

Siting is incredibly important for utilities considering the addition of solar power to their renewable energy portfolio. And some siting solutions are better than others.

The Amonix 7700 CPV Solar Power Generator system is flexibly deployed in increments of 60 kW (AC), so it can be used for installations of all sizes. Each unit installs quickly, too, in three hours from truck bed to tracker. Yet, because the systems are pedestal-mounted, their impact on the local environment is minimal.

Dual land use

No grading or special site preparation is necessary. Installations can be made on industrial or agricultural land, even on sloped or irregular ground. In fact, it allows for multiple use of the same land once an installation is complete. Crops, grazing,  and other uses can all happen in close proximity to the systems. There are numerous examples of these dual-use of land projects.

More energy per acre

Amonix also provides higher efficiency of land use. Put simply, sites that produce the same amount of electricity with Amonix systems can be much smaller. It works out to about 5 acres per MW of rated capacity (DC), about half the space required for competing technologies. Even PV solar systems with advanced single-axis trackers require 10 acres per MW of rated capacity.

That said, the Amonix 7700 delivers the highest energy production per acre, twice as much as any other solar technology. And for utilities, that may be the best land use of all.


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