Amonix: Leader in Design & Manufacture of Utility-Scale Solar Power Systems

Amonix is the leading designer and manufacturer of concentrator photovoltaic (CPV) commercial solar power systems.

Based on advanced photovoltaic solar cells developed for use in outer space, the Amonix commercial solar power system requires no water for power production and uses land more efficiently – all while producing more energy per acre than any other solar energy technology.

Founded in 1989, Amonix is headquartered in Seal Beach, Cal., with an additional R&D facility in Torrance, Cal.

Decades of Experience in Solar Power Technology

With 23 years in business, 18 years of CPV field experience, and eight generations of system evolution, Amonix is the proven choice for utility-scale solar energy production in climates that are sunny and dry.

Designed for utility-scale installations, Amonix systems deploy quickly and rapidly to achieve optimal performance and reliability, while delivering renewable solar energy at operating cost levels that are the lowest in the industry.

With a 29% system efficiency (33% module, 40% production cell), the Amonix photovoltaic solar cells represent an order of magnitude improvement over previous generations of solar technology, such as silicon-based photovoltaic solar cells and thin film solar cells.

Amonix solar energy technology has been rigorously field-tested at locations throughout the southwestern United States and in Spain. This unparalleled real-world CPV experience – coupled with highly skilled employees and a management team with heavy expertise in solar, finance, technology, and manufacturing – makes Amonix the clear leader in the commercial solar power generation industry.

Amonix Values

The Amonix mission is to create long-term value by being the supplier of choice for large-scale solar energy systems.

We will accomplish this mission by:
1. Creating a performance-oriented culture driven by innovation and technological excellence.
2. Pursuing a relentless focus on lower cost, highest reliability and product quality.
3. Delivering solutions that consistently exceed customer expectations.

The values that drive us are:

Integrity: We honor our word.
Responsibility: We take ownership for our actions and results.
People: We foster a fun, rewarding environment for our people to work in. We invest in and empower our employee-owners who work at Amonix.
Safety: We proactively promote safety in everything we do.
Customers: We believe that our customers are at the heart of what we do.
Continuous Improvement: We strive to improve all aspects of our people, processes, products and services every day.
Environment: We improve the environment through our actions and products.


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