CPV Technology: Concentrated Solar Power

Concentrated photovoltaic solar cell technology makes it cost effective to generate clean, renewable commercial solar power on a scale large enough to be feasible for use by electric utilities.

By incorporating inexpensive optics into its design, Amonix is able to significantly reduce the amount of expensive semiconductor material needed to produce each watt of electricity.

In the Amonix system, economical but effective acrylic Fresnel lenses collect sunlight, concentrating it up to 500 times its usual intensity onto highly advanced photovoltaic solar cells, which are very small and highly-efficient.

The lenses are affixed to the top of a 10’ x 49’ rectangular steel frame, with 30 photovoltaic solar cells mounted onto each of the receiver plates beneath the lenses.

Each Amonix MegaModule® contains 36 such sets of lenses and corresponding receiver plates, producing ~10 kW (DC) of concentrated solar power.

One thousand times more power

By comparison, the older technology of most of the 'one-sun' flat-plate solar panels requires that the entire surface be covered with costly semiconductor material in order to collect adequate sunlight.

In fact, because they do not have the solar cell efficiency of the Amonix  multijunction cells, even the most efficient silicon panels would require an amount of semiconductor material equal to twice the area of an entire Amonix 7700 system to provide an equivalent amount of power (under standard test conditions).

In contrast, within the Amonix system, the III-V semiconductor material represents only 1/500th of the total system area.

Ultimately, this means that Amonix power generation by semiconductor surface area is about one thousand times greater than that of 'one-sun' flat-plate panels composed of the older-generation silicon solar cells (standard test conditions). For photovoltaic thin-film cells, the difference is even greater. 


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