Coming Soon : The Amonix 8700

 Amonix 8700

The Amonix 8700 Solar Power Generator brings together everything Amonix has learned designing and building seven generations of CPV systems into Amonix’s highest performing, lowest cost system yet, delivering greater than 30% module efficiency. 

The Amonix 8700 design allows for rapid installation of rates up 0.5-1.0 MWDC / construction day during large power plant installations. 

The Amonix 8700 will have improved thermal management, ensuring that not only will Amonix’s world-leading performance in excessive heat conditions will be even further enhanced, but it will also be done completely passively, conserving precious water resources in critically dry desert areas. 

The Amonix 8700 is also designed for easier field maintenance and replacement of components, delivering maximum system availability and higher economic returns to customers. Additional key specifications of the Amonix 8700 are below: 


Overall Dimensions 14.95 m x 21.95 m (49 ft x 72 ft)
Max. Height 15.4 m (50.5 ft)
Min. Ground Clearance 0.6 M (2 ft)
Pedestal Diameter 0.9 m (3 ft)
Foundation Depth, typical 5.5 m (18 ft)
Tracking Type 2-axis
Drive Type Hydraulic
Sun Tracking Method Closed loop sun seeker


Max. Operating Wind Speed 12.5m/s -17.9m/s (28-40 mph)
subject to elevation angle
Max. Wind Loading
(ASCE 7-05, Category C)
145 km/h (90mph)
Land required per MW AC 1.6-2 hectares (4-5 acres)



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