Arzon Solar Amonix 8700 Solar Generator

The Arzon Solar Amonix 8700 Solar Power Generator brings together everything our team has learned designing and building seven generations of CPV systems.  The results is the world's highest performance, lowest cost commercially available utility scale CPV system.

For comparison, the 8700 is 30% lower cost and 10% higher power and energy performance then Amonix's last product, the 7700.  The 7700 saw a product deployment of over 60 MW DC from 2009 till 2012 and demonstrated the highest energy density of any project studied in a 2013 NREL land use report, needing only 2.8 acres per GWh per year.

The 8700 is robust and build to last.  At high temperatures, the high efficiency multi-junction solar cells used in the 8700 suffer only a fraction of the temperature enduced performance loss suffered by silicon or thin film panels, so the 8700 stays closer to rated output even in very hot locations.  

The 8700 allows for rapid installation of rates up 0.5-1.0 MWDC / construction day in large power plant installs.  The 8700 is designed for easy field maintenance and replacement of components, delivering maximum system availability and higher economic returns to customers. The 8700 requires no water for normal operation and cleaning frequency no more than other solar products.

Pricing of the 8700 varies depending on the number of systems purchased but is generally considered competitive with other commercially available generation in areas with appropriate DNI.  Please contact Arzon Solar for more information on pricing and availability.

Additional key specifications of the Amonix 8700 are below: 


Electrical Output 69-71 kW DC Concentrator Standard Operating Conditions (CSOC)
Inverter Type Compatible with several MPPT inverters.  Can be combined into a central inverter or single inverter per system.  Single phase & three phase with a wide range of voltage / current outputs


Overall Dimensions 14.95 m x 21.95 m (49 ft x 72 ft)
Max. Height 15.4 m (50.5 ft)
Min. Ground Clearance 0.6 M (2 ft)
Pedestal Diameter 0.9 m (3 ft)
Foundation Depth, typical 5.5 m (18 ft)
Tracking Type 2-axis (Azimuth / Elevation)
Drive Type Hydraulic
Sun Tracking Method Hybrid open loop / close loop with sun sensor


Suitable DNI Greater than 5.5 KWhr/m2
Max. Operating Wind Speed 12.5m/s -17.9m/s (28-40 mph)
subject to elevation angle
Max. Wind Loading
(ASCE 7-05, Category C)
145 km/h (90mph)
Land required per MW AC 1.6-2 hectares (4-5 acres)
Generation weighted average land use 2.8 acres/GWh/yr



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