Dual-Axis tracking + Concentrated Photovoltaic (CPV) Technology = Solar Power Efficiency

Following the Source of Solar Power

Amonix solar power installations are designed to optimize solar power efficiency by intelligently tracking the sun all day long, producing more energy per acre than any other solar technology.

To accomplish such an achievement, Amonix developed a proprietary, closed loop, dual-axis tracker that maximizes energy production throughout the day.

Once installed, this unique device moves automatically from its night stow position to track the sun throughout the day. It provides for unattended operation in either grid-connected or off-grid applications.

More Solar Energy Output

Field results indicate that up to 50% more energy may be captured by an Amonix CPV system than fixed one-sun systems. Dual-axis tracking also allows the system to produce near its power rating for more hours of the day than is possible with systems that rely on either fixed mounts or single-axis tracking systems.

Low Maintenance & Power Requirements

The dual-axis tracker is the only moving component on Amonix CPV solar installations. It has been designed for high reliability with minimum maintenance. In addition, the power requirements are minimal, typically less than 1% of overall power output.

Creating Solar Power Efficiency

The combination of a patented dual-action tracker with the solar cell efficiency in Amonix CPV technology results in unparalleled solar power efficiency.

A History of Solar Technology Innovation

Amonix has been setting records since the early 1990s, when it created a world record with its stable back junction point contact solar cell efficiency. The company then engineered its first concentrated photovoltaic system in 1994. By mid-2000’s, the Amonix 7700 was created based on its III-V multijunction solar cell.

Some of these Amonix systems have been in place for more than twelve years. No other concentrated photovoltaic manufacturer has delivered for so long under real-world conditions. 

This is one reason why major utility customers such as Southern California Edison (SCE) and Arizona Public Service Company (APS) have chosen the solar power efficiency of Amonix solar installations.


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