Low Energy Production Costs for Amonix Commercial Solar Power Systems

When developers are considering building renewable energy facilities on a utility scale for sale, or for agreements to purchase power, Amonix concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) solar energy systems offer distinct financial advantages.

First, our business longevity, experience, and successful business model are major benefits when planning for any partnership or sale. Amonix offers something no other CPV manufacturer can match: 23 years of experience in a field where more than half the CPV companies in business today started in 2006 or later.

Of course, cost is a primary consideration. Here again, Amonix leads its competitors in cost efficiency. Not only does Amonix solar power efficiency compare favorably to other solar energy systems, but we have brought utility-scale solar applications into near grid parity in sunny and dry regions.

The Amonix competitive advantage in solar power efficiency is the result of eight generations of research and development in commercial solar power, based on our expertise in concentrated photovoltaic solar energy.

Solid Returns on Investment

For developers, low energy production costs can translate into higher cash-flow estimates and better pro forma balance sheets for discussions with banks and investors – as well as better returns when selling projects to utilities. Because the value of such transactions is based on production cost expectations, no other commercial solar power systems can provide developers with a better financial position. 

Low Operating Costs

The cost of electricity generated from any source includes fuel, operations, initial system cost and the cost of capital. Although many factors are involved in calculating the cost-effectiveness of any technology’s life cycle,  the combination of free renewable energy, the operating efficiencies of the Amonix utility-grade product, and its longer lifetime expectancy results overall in a lower cost of power generation.

The chart below compares our CPV technology with other solar solutions, illustrating the higher solar power efficiency achieved by Amonix CPV technology. 

Efficiency Comparison Chart

Comparisons based upon published data.


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