Utility Scale Solar Power Plants With Flexible CPV Technology

Amonix recognizes an important challenge facing utility solar resource compliance today: flexibility and choice.

Amonix CPV technology systems help utilities meet their Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) in the most cost-effective and flexible manner possible for sunny and dry climates: 

     »  Utilities implementing a more distributed utility model to avoid transmission constraints and permitting issues choose the flexibility of Amonix solar power systems.

     »  Utilities looking for flexibility in financing options for incremental project investment sizes choose Amonix.

     »  Utilities who prefer a cooperative partner willing to make flexible long-term business arrangements choose Amonix.

A flexible utility model doesn’t just mean where the power plant is located. It’s when and how as well.

Distributed utility model

The modularity of the Amonix 7700 CPV Solar Power Generator makes it the ideal solution for distributed utility planning.

Employing CPV technology, which is based on the highly efficient multijunction solar cell, the Amonix system allows utilities to strategically site their power plants near the distribution level closer to local needs, easing the burden on transmission lines. The power production profile of Amonix CPV systems allows capacity-constrained utilities to deliver critical daytime on-peak power.

The siting advantages that the Amonix 7700 photovoltaic solar energy system provides are significant. Utilities have the capability to increase capacity in increments by adding solar power systems as needed. Also, they can achieve cost savings with systems because solar energy power plants can be located on smaller parcels of land with minimal site preparation – and an environmental sensibility second to none.

Financial flexibility

Today’s investment environment encourages smaller projects (2-100 MW), which are not only more easily permitted but are often easier to finance. Amonix provides utilities the flexibility to tackle uncertain load growth with more confidence, by adding solar power systems incrementally as they become needed.

Making it happen

Customers say the Amonix group is easy to work with. It may be a willingness to work with utilities on pilot projects before a full program rollout. It may be a highly skilled and responsive team who makes it easier to get the answers needed to make a decision. In any case, Amonix has been there to make it happen for customers, time and again, over 20 years.


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