CPV Solar Technology Since 1989

More experience Than Any Other Solar Technology Company

Founded in 1989 in Torrance, California, Amonix has been in business for more than 23 years and has over 18 years of field operating experience in concentrator photovoltaic solar power – known as CPV.

The company was founded by CPV solar technology pioneer Vahan Garboushian, the current Chief Technology Officer. 

With a goal of designing utility-scale solar energy systems, research and development was begun in 1990. Since then Amonix has developed eight generations of progressively advancing photovoltaic solar power systems.

Solar Cell Efficiency Records

In the early 1990s, the Amonix team set a world record for solar cell efficiency, with a 25.5% average for sunlight-to electricity conversion, after the development of its stable back junction point contact solar cell. Continuing to build its leadership position in photovoltaic solar power technology development, Amonix introduced the MegaModule® design in the mid 1990s.

In 2005, Amonix adapted the world’s most efficient silicon cell into its design, increasing solar cell efficiency to 27.6% under concentration. Only a few years later, it incorporated the currently used III-V multijunction solar cell, which was originally developed for the space industry. This change resulted in an order of magnitude improvement over the previous silicon based CPV solar technology.

In 2012, Amonix set the world record for CPV outdoor operating module efficiency at 33.5% - proving that over one third of direct sunlight hitting an Amonix system can be converted into clean, green energy.  

Current Solar Technology Innovations

This current Amonix solar technology system integrates inexpensive acrylic Fresnel lenses – which concentrate solar radiation onto CPV solar cell receiver plates – with a dual-axis sun-tracking structure. The resulting single-assembly, modular design enhances system flexibility and cost effectiveness.

Over the years, Amonix has distinguished itself as a leading concentrated photovoltaic company, expanding its scope to include the manufacture of utility-scale CPV solar technology systems. The result has been a steady increase in generation capacity with a decrease in the cost of solar energy production.

No other organization operating in the solar technology market offers the development track record, field experience, and commercial success rate of Amonix. To follow the timeline of corporate and technology developments across two decades of CPV solar technology leadership, click on the left and right arrows below. 




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