CPV Technology & Utility Scale Solar With Low Energy Production Costs

The decision to utilize cutting edge, utility-scale solar applications such as concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) technology often comes down to whether or not energy production costs are favorable against traditional energy sources as well as against competing renewable technologies. In recent years, concentrated photovoltaic energy has been proven to compete with traditional energy and surpasses it in efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and predictability.

Amonix has field-proven CPV technology that incorporates cost and energy efficiency that puts us at the top in a competitive renewable energy marketplace. Our eight generations of concentrated photovoltaic technology have enabled the evolution of CPV energy into larger system capacity, higher energy generation per acre deployed, and increased efficiencies all around. Concentrated photovoltaic energy is becoming the way of the future. The introduction of the highly-efficient multijunction cell on a concentrated photovoltaic solar system has been an important aspect in the advancement of CPV technology, bringing utility-scale applications in sunny and dry regions into near grid-parity.

The cost of electricity generation for energy resources include fuel, operations, capital, and finance costs. Although many cost factors are involved in the calculation, the long term effect of 'free fuel' from a renewable resource, higher related efficiencies, the robust and utility-scale quality of the product, and longer lifetime expectancy result in a lower overall cost of energy-generation for solar power via concentrated photovoltaic technology. For these reasons, CPV is a good business decision. It is a much more reliable and cost effective option for long-term vitality and accountability both in terms of financial and natural resource impact. It is not only about the initial purchase cost of our solar technology, but also about the money and natural resources these systems save in the long run.

Below is a simple comparison of CPV efficiencies to other solar solutions as one element of production costs.

Efficiency Comparison Chart

Comparisons based upon published data.


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