Low Energy Production Costs for Amonix Commercial Solar Power

Solar electricity is an environmentally friendly and sustainable energy source, giving it distinct socio-political advantages in today’s eco-conscious culture. 

But has it evolved to the point where it can compete economically with other power generation technologies? And can it do so on a scale large enough to make it feasible for utility power generation?

The answer is “yes” in both cases, Amonix concentrated photovoltaic solar power efficiency compares very positively. Its performance in dry and sunny climates greatly exceeds competing technologies, achieving near grid parity for utility-scale operations.

Proven Solar Cell Efficiency

The solar cell efficiency of concentrated photovoltaic energy is demonstrated and proven. It not only competes with traditional energy sources but surpasses them when it comes to cost effectiveness and predictability.

The larger system has the capacity to produce up to 60 kW AC power MW, with higher energy generation per acre and increased efficiencies that enable it to out-match all competing solar technologies as well.This competitive advantage is due largely to the design of the advanced multijunction cell, which was originally developed for applications in outer space. 

In fact, these highly efficient cells represent an order of magnitude improvement in performance and reliability over the previous generation of silicon based technology. Under concentration, CPV solar cell efficiency can exceed 39% in volume production (over 41% in world-record demonstrations).

Multijunction Cells and Modular Design

The integration of inexpensive concentrating acrylic Fresnel lenses and a dual-axis sun-tracking structure, along with the multijunction solar cells, creates a single assembly called the Amonix MegaModule®, which offers enhanced system modularity, flexibility and cost effectiveness.

When making a financial comparison with other power generation technologies, utilities and investors take into consideration the entire life cycle cost of a commercial solar power installation, which includes aspects such as initial capital outlay, fuel and operating costs, and the price of final disposition or decommissioning of the facility.

Right up front, the zero base of its “fuel” cost gives commercial solar electricity a natural economic edge. The relatively low cost, high efficiencies in operation, and predictability of performance for the CPV technology all contribute to the superiority of Amonix technology. 

Finally, there are other factors which make an Amonix commercial solar power plant a wise investment in the eyes of our investors and customers, including the socially acceptable nature of sustainable energy sources and the long lifetime expectancy of the plant. Join the ranks of our investors and capitalize on the financial and economic benefits of Amonix solar power. 

Efficiency Comparison Chart

Comparisons based upon published data.


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