Manufacturing Process for Amonix CPV Technology

Solar energy is clean energy, and Amonix maintains an environmental ethic throughout the design and manufacture of its solar energy power plants.

By incorporating inexpensive optics into its design, Amonix is able to significantly reduce the amount of expensive semiconductor material needed to produce each watt of electricity, which in turn reduces the size of the installation site, creating cost savings as well as reducing the environmental footprint of Amonix solar energy power plants.

In the MegaModule CPV technology design, a lens covers the top of a 10’ x 49’ frame, concentrating sunlight onto the receiver plates beneath the lens, where 30 photovoltaic solar power cells are mounted onto each plate.

Each Amonix MegaModule® contains 36 sets of lenses and corresponding receiver plates, producing ~10 kW (DC) of clean energy.

Amonix manufactures its concentrated photovoltaic solar power systems at a 78,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Seal Beach, CA, USA. State-of-the-art robotics used in the manufacturing process support high-volume production levels, improve manufacturing quality, and ensure a highly reliable system.

The modular, factory-assembled MegaModule units, which are designed for efficient ground transportation, are then shipped to the field for installation, where they can be installed in only three hours once pedestals are ground mounted.


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