Legacy Amonix 7700 Solar Generator

The 7700 was Amonix's first utility scale product designed and manufactured at high volume.  From 2010 till 2013, Amonix produced and installed over 70 MW DC of the 7700 product in several installations across the US Southwest.  

The 7700 System measured 49' tall by 70' wide.  The 7700 uses a dual axis tracking system to keep Amonix 7700 MegaModules(TM) pointed at the sun all day long.  The Amonix 7700 uses high efficiency multi-junction solar cells to reach a generating efficiency of nearly 30% DC.  The Amonix 7700 was the world's largest and most efficient commercially available photovoltaic generator.

The Amonix 7700 generates 60kW AC power at rated conditions and uses no water for power production.  The product is designed for a 25 year lifetime with minimal maintenance servicing.

The Amonix 7700 product is no longer in production.  Arzon Solar does provide a variety of contract services for owners of fielded 7700 product.  Arzon Solar's current product for the utility scale marketplace is the 8700 Solar Generator.


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