Multijunction Solar Cells, Concentrated Photovoltaic Solar Panels

Bringing a powerful technology down to earth

Amonix was one of the first organizations to bring III-V multijunction cell technology down to Earth. Originally developed for space-based applications, III-V multijunction cells represent a step-change improvement in performance and reliability over their silicon counterparts. 

Using three different photovoltaic materials in a single cell, they extract more energy from the range of wavelengths in sunlight. This enables them to produce a significant increase in voltage, while losing less energy to heat. As a result, they provide the solar industry’s highest efficiencies. Under concentration, this can exceed 39% in volume production (over 41% in world-record demonstrations).

By replacing silicon solar cells with these multijunction cells, and placing the modules on dual axis trackers, Amonix CPV systems achieve maximum energy output.



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