NV Energy Clark Station

A Utility’s Clear Commitment To Renewable Energy

Located next to Highway 95, the Amonix CPV solar power plant at NV Energy’s Clark Generating Station has been stopping traffic since its 2006 installation. Situated next to a natural gas-fired power plant, the five story tall Amonix CPV systems aren’t just an arresting sight; they have generated hundreds of megawatt-hours for grid power since starting up in 2006, much of it for use during midday peak energy demand times.

The Clark Generating Station installation has impacted minimally the local environment because it does not require water to operate and does not entail land grading or special treatment of the site. With 21 years in business, 16 years of real-world CPV deployments, and seven generations of system development, Amonix was the ideal experienced technology partner for NV Energy, and is the best choice for sunny and dry climates like the Nevada desert.

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