Predictable Utility Scale Solar, CPV Technology

For utilities, predictability is critical, especially for solar energy and other renewable resources.

Amonix solar power systems demonstrate proven predictability, with more experience than our competitors. In fact, our concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) solar power systems produce more energy per acre than any other solar power systems.

The company celebrated its 23-year anniversary, marking over two decades of success in solar installations. Amonix technology has been operating in the field for over 18 of those years. In that time, the Amonix team has developed eight generations of systems with increasing performance and cost efficiency.

Real-world performance is the critical differentiator. The proof is in the reliability of day-to-day operations as clean renewable solar power is produced by our CPV solar power systems, including the latest generation of solar installations, which are based on the high-efficiency multijunction solar cell that supersedes the older silicon technology.

This advantage is illustrated in the site performance data below, which covers more than one year of real-world production data. A close look at this chart shows that actual performance is within 1% of Amonix model predictions.

Predictability Graph

Predictability is dependent on two factors: reliability and routine maintenance. That is why Amonix designs its systems to be so robust they can stand up to the rigors of a harsh environment in real-time.

The performance data also shows that Amonix systems are very reliable, with minimal downtime over the course of a year. If there is an issue, they are repairable in the field.

Routine maintenance is the other main consideration. While Amonix systems require no water in power production, it is useful to clean them on a regular schedule. A clean MegaModule® is an efficient MegaModule. It takes only 1 acre-foot annually per MW DC installed for cleaning purposes.

(Note: From the UNLV Installation) 


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