Multijunction Solar Cells & CPV Technology Products by Amonix

The Amonix 7700 CPV Solar Power Generator is the result of seven generations of technology development. Powered by the world’s most-efficient multijunction solar cells, it delivers overall system efficiencies to the grid in excess of 29% (31% module, 40% production cell).
Comprised of seven proprietary MegaModules® and utilizing dual-axis tracking, the Amonix 7700 system generates over 40% more energy than conventional fixed-tilt solar panels. The modular product installs quickly and easily, and is designed for disassembly and disposition in accordance with renewable energy best-practices, minimizing life-cycle costs.
With more than 70 MW of CPV installed across the American Southwest and Southwestern Europe (Spain), no other CPV manufacturer approaches the real-world success Amonix has consistently delivered.


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