Below are a few highlighted publications from Amonix experts as well as important papers published by others on issues of interest to our industry.

"Increasing Power and Energy in Amonix CPV Solar Power Plants"
Kinsey, G. S.; Nayak, A.; Liu, M.; Garboushian, V
Journal of Photovoltaics
Open Paper (Website Link)
"Energy prediction of Amonix CPV solar power plants"
Geoffrey S. Kinsey, Kenneth Stone, Joseph Brown, Vahah Garboushian
Progress in Photovoltaics: Research and Applications
Open Paper (Website Link)


"Operating characteristics of multijunction solar cells"
Geoffrey S. Kinsey, Amonix Inc., Peichen Pien, Peter Hebert and Raed A. Sherif, Spectrolab Inc., January 2009.
Open Paper (Website Link)


"Spectral response and energy output of concentrator multijunction solar cells"
Geoffrey S. Kinsey, Amonix Inc., Kenneth M. Edmondson, Spectrolab, Inc. October 2008.

Open Paper (Website Link)

"Opportunities and Challenges for Development of a Mature Concentrating Photovoltaic Power Industry"
Sarah Kurtz, July 2008.

Open Paper (PDF Document)

"Concentrator multijunction solar cell characteristics under variable intensity and temperature"

Geoffrey S. Kinsey, Peter Hebert, Kent E. Barbour, Dmitri D. Krut, Hector L. Cotal, Raed A. Sherif
Spectrolab, Inc., March 2008.
Open Paper (Website Link)


"A 30% efficient (>250 Watt) module using multijunction solar cells and their one-year on-sun field performance"
R. Gordon, A. Slade and V. Garboushian,
Proc. 4th International Conf. on Solar Concentrators, Spain 2007.

Open Paper (PDF Document)


"Analysis of five years of field performance of the Amonix high concentration PV system"
Kenneth W. Stone, Vahan Garboushian, Robert Boehm, Rick Hurt,  Allison Gray, Herb Hayden,
Powergen 2006, April, 2006, Las Vegas, NV

Open Paper (PDF Document)

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