CPV Solar Power Plant Real-World Performance

Amonix is the most proven company in the concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) market.

Founded in Torrance, California in 1989 by Vahan Garboushian, the company recently celebrated its 23-year anniversary. Amonix technology has been operating in the field for over 18 of those years. In that time, the Amonix team has developed eight generations of systems.

Real-world performance is the critical differentiator. The proof goes into operation day after day, generating clean, renewable solar power.

Eighteen years of real-world solar experience

Amonix engineered its first CPV system in 1994. This 20 kW system led to six more generations of development, resulting in ever-increasing scale and efficiency. The latest is the Amonix 7700 CPV Solar Power Generator, delivering 53 kW per unit.

Some Amonix systems, like the one in Pomona, CA, have been in place for more than twelve years. Others, like NV Energy's Clark Operating Station installation outside Las Vegas, NV, have been in continuous operation since 2006.

In Spain, three separate phases of CPV Solar Power were commissioned in Navarra between 2006 and 2008, with a total CPV capacity of 7.8 MW. These installations have operated with reliability and predictability ever since.

No other concentrated photovoltaic manufacturer has delivered for so long under real-world conditions.

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