Low-Risk CPV Solar Energy Power Plants

Partnering with Amonix significantly reduces the inherent risks of developing solar energy power plants for our customers.

The unparalleled combination of our business longevity, experience, and financial backing minimizes the unpredictability that often plagues a  developer’s partnership planning.

Amonix offers something no other CPV manufacturer can match: over 23 years of experience in a field.  With more than half the CPV companies in business today started in 2006 or later, this professional and technological maturity continually proves invaluable to our partners. Our track record creates stability factors unmatched in the industry.

Firm Foundation

The Amonix track record in the development of photovoltaic solar power for over two decades provides our customers with a firm foundation in critical areas that reduce risk:

Company Stability: that comes from a seasoned management team and long-term experience in a very young industry. In fact company founder Vahan Garboushian is widely regarded as the pioneer behind CPV technology. And Amonix is backed by a list of experienced investors who are well-established in accelerating the growth of disruptive, clean-technology companies.

Proven Technology: that has seen 18 years of real-world CPV technology deployments, and which has progressed through seven generations of innovative system development.

Solar Technology Experience

Successful projects require more than just a solid company and  progressive technology. With every power plant installed by a major utility such as Southern California Edison (SCE), Tucson Electric Power (TEP) and NV Energy in Nevada, Amonix builds its knowledge and experience base. Performance in demanding, real-world conditions is the hallmark of our CPV technology, which is based on the high-efficiency multijunction solar cell.

Flexible Solar Installations

This utility-grade product is also extremely flexible. The Amonix 7700 CPV Solar Power Generator can be deployed in increments of 60 kW (AC), so developers can invest in smaller projects,thereby lowering perceived initial investment risk. Capacity blocks of 2 MW or more provide varying options for successful CPV installations of 100MW and beyond.


Amonix systems are CEC approved. The system is UL certified for interconnection applications. The system is listed to UL 1741, IEEEstd. 1547, CSA 22.2 #107.1 and certified to IEEE 62.41, as well as FCC Part 15, class A.


Amonix 7700 CPV Solar Power Generator Systems feature a 25-year, credit-supported warranty on both cells and lenses. Our customers will be producing photovoltaic solar power well into the future.

Through a business strategy which emphasizes reducing risk with proven experience, Amonix offers solar power energy plant developers the longevity, expertise, and track record necessary to reduce inherent risk, along with the certifications and warranties to ensure continued performance.


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