Reliable Utility Scale Solar Energy Delivered Through CPV Technology

Each day utilities face the tough economic realities of the law of supply and demand as they strive to deliver electricity in today’s market.

Consumers want reliable power at a reasonable cost, but there are also increasing expectations that it be produced in an environmentally responsible manner.

These consumer expectations make predictability of supply critical, and they are also why Amonix is so well positioned to help utilities meet demand with clean, reliable commercial solar power.

Designed for Utility-Scale Operation

Amonix 7700 CPV solar power systems are specifically designed for utility-scale operation in sunny and dry climates, where insolation provides a steady supply of energy. The 7700 is a seventh-generation system, which features smart, dual-axis tracking. 

Click on the time-lapse video at right to watch as the solar power system at the University of Nevada Las Vegas follows the sun to maximize energy production throughout the day.

Predictable Performance With Minimal Downtime

Amonix technology has been in the field for over 18 years. No other concentrated photovoltaic solar power company can match our experience base. In fact, more than half of other CPV companies in business today did not even exist five years ago.

The fact that Amonix commercial solar power systems have been dependably generating power for over a decade and a half is a primary reason why major utility customers – such as Southern California Edison (SCE) and Tuscon Electric Power (TEP) – use Amonix CPV technology.

This experience base has also been a significant factor in making Amonix solar power systems highly predictable over time. In fact, not only do our systems produce more energy per acre than any other solar technology, but on-site performance data from our customers is typically within 1% of our model predictions. And that is a figure utilities can take to their supply bank.

Predictability depends not just on system performance but also on reliability, including the ease of completing routine maintenance and repairs. With an Amonix system, routine maintenance simply means keeping the MegaModules® clean. And if there ever is an issue, systems can be repaired right in the field to minimize down time.

Predictability.  Reliability.  Results.  Energy that utilities can rely on. That is what Amonix delivers.


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