Solar Power Plant Success Stories Using Concentrated Photovoltaic Systems

Amonix designs and manufactures commercial solar power systems that produce more energy per acre than any other solar installations, thanks to its concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) technology.

In addition, Amonix solar projects use no water in power production and require no site grading or other special preparation for its land use.

In fact, our plants become operational the day they are erected on site as a result of their modular, factory-fabricated design.

With over 16 years of experience on the ground in commercial solar power – the longest track record in the industry – Amonix has proven its product is the best choice for utility-scale solar installations in climates that are sunny and dry.

Explore some of the reasons why Amonix customers consider their solar projects to be success stories:

University of Arizona's Solar Zone
On April 28, 2011, 2 megawatts of clean CPV solar power were inaugurated in Tucson, AZ at The Solar Zone. This installation provides enough energy to power over 500 Tucson homes and offsets more than 5,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions.
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Cal Poly Pomona
After 12 years of partnership, Amonix recently installed two new CPV solar power systems at the John T. Lyle Center for Regenerative Studies on the Cal Poly Pomona campus. The two solar arrays will generate 210,000 kW hours of clean, renewable energy annually, offsetting 85 metric tons of greenhouse gases per year.
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SNWA River Mountains Water Treatment Facility

Using Amonix CPV technology to power its facility, the Southern Nevada Water Authority generates clean water with a low impact on a fragile desert environment.
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UNLV Center for Energy Research
Its capacity independently verified by Sandia National Laboratories, the Amonix 53kW (AC) solar installation at UNLV-CER is capable of converting one-fourth of the energy it receives from the sun into useable electricity.
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NV Energy Clark Station
The Amonix commercial solar power plant at the Clark Generating Station in Nevada has generated hundreds of megawatt-hours for grid power since starting up in 2006, much of it for use during midday peak energy demand times.
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Energías del Tietar
In Spain, Amonix CPV technology is fueling the economy while protecting the environment with dual-purpose land use, allowing the land to be used for power generation and agriculture simultaneously.
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Parques Solares de Navarra
The largest CPV solar installation under the sun was deployed in three incremental phases, between 2006 and 2008.
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