UNLV Center for Energy Research

Latest Multijunction Cell Technology Maximizes Energy Output For CPV Installations At UNLV’s Center For Energy Research

Originally installed in 2004, the Amonix concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) solar power generator at UNLV’s Center for Energy Research (CER) received a powerful performance boost in 2008 when its silicon cells were upgraded to high-efficiency  multijunction solar cells. 

Amonix and CER partnered again in 2009 to install the new Amonix 7700 Solar Power Generator at the CER location on the UNLV campus. Comprised of seven proprietary MegaModules utilizing multijunction solar cells, the Amonix 7700 also features proprietary Amonix hydraulic drive dual-axis tracking. The 53kW (AC) unit at CER has been tested and independently-verified by Sandia National Laboratories, and is capable of converting one-fourth of the sun’s energy into useable electricity.

With 21 years in business, 16 years of real-world CPV deployments, and seven generations of system development, Amonix was the ideal experienced technology partner for UNLV. The Amonix 7700 is a proven choice for utility-scale solar in sunny and dry climates like the Nevada desert.

“After working with Amonix in 2008 to upgrade our first CPV installation with multijunction cells, we are pleased that CER is now the home of the new Amonix 7700 Solar Power Generator.  The output improvements we are measuring with multijunction solar cells significantly improves the performance of Amonix’s CPV technology.”

Robert F. Boehm
Director of the Center for Energy Research 
University of Nevada, Las Vegas


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