Utility-Scale Products

Amonix delivers utility-scale commercial solar power systems. We build robust, reliable large-scale solar power plants to help our customers meet their utility energy needs.

With dimensions of 72’ x 49’, Amonix 7700 concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) solar power systems provide the scale and quality of product that our utility customers need to quickly and cost-effectively achieve their renewable energy portfolio goals.

Flexible Solar Power Plant Installations

These pedestal-mounted systems are flexible in size and offer the advantage of multiple deployment options. Users have the capability to increase capacity in increments by adding modules as needed.  The Amonix 7700 CPV Solar Power Generator can be deployed in increments of 60 kW (AC). Capacity blocks of 2 MW or more provide options for successful CPV installations of 100 MW and beyond.

Cost Effective Solar Energy Generation

Siting for our commercial solar power plants requires no grading or other special preparation, reducing cost while also minimizing the impact on the local environment. In addition, they require less land, producing more energy per acre than any other solar technology.

They are certified by third-party engineers for a 50-year useful life – half a century of structural integrity.

This longevity prediction assumes that the solar cells are replaced at 25 years. However, unlike the process for competing technologies, this upgrade can be conducted in the field. And it constitutes a much lower percent of the overall project cost than the full replacement required by PV or CSP technologies.

Reliable and Predictable Energy Production

Performance data provided by our customers proves that Amonix photovoltaic solar power systems are reliable and predictable, with minimal downtime over the course of the year.

Simplicity is one factor responsible for the dependability of the MegaModule(r) design. Fresnel lenses, mounting structure, and multijunction solar cells are incorporated into one single factory-fabricated assembly, eliminating more than 75% of the parts and associated costs found in other comparable concentrator designs.

And if there is ever an issue with an Amonix solar power system, the modular assemblies are easy to repair in place.

The utility-scale Amonix 7700 CPV Solar Power Generator is proving its reliability every day in the deserts of the American Southwest, for major companies like Southern California Edison and Tuscon Electric Power.

Prove it – Check out our customers’ utility-grade success stories.


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