Where Amonix Operates Solar Power Plants With CPV Technology

Concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) systems produce the most energy in dry, sunny climates, where the solar radiation averages 6 kilowatt-hours per square meter per day (6 kW-hr/m2/day) or more.

So our CPV solar power plants are perfectly suited for locations like the desert Southwest in the United States, including the states of Nevada, Utah, Arizona, and Colorado. Our clients who have facilities in this region range from Cogentrix Energy to the University of Nevada’s Center for Energy Research in Las Vegas

Sunny, desert environments typically do not have access to large water supplies. But this is not a problem with Amonix CPV systems because they do not use water in power production, an added bonus when setting up solar power plants in dry, arid climates.

The Rapid Evolution of Technology for Concentrated Photovoltaic Systems

Through eight generations of technology, Amonix product development has been focused on optimizing systems to take advantage of abundant year-round solar resources that occur in certain latitude zones around the world.  To view these regions, click on the map in the lower right section of this page.

Years of research, development and optimization have resulted in systems designed for efficient energy production that is proven, reliable and socially responsible.

To take advantage of the natural resources of these climates, Amonix has designed and built its concentrated photovoltaic systems with these competitive advantages: 

  • High-efficiency multijunction solar cells, which create functional, efficient, and powerful CPV solar power

  • The flexible, scalable MegaModule(r) design for the Amonix 7700 solar power systems, which makes planning easier by allowing customers to add capacity as needed

  • A robust, dual-axis tracking system to follow the path of the sun as it moves across the sky

All these technological advancements create a system that provides the highest capacity factor that customers require, providing clean, reliable energy during the peak periods when it is needed most.

Amonix CPV systems are also viable in other areas around the world, due to the efficiency of our advanced solar cell technology. The company has approximately 70 MW of CPV solar power systems deployed globally. These installations have proven the reliability, predictability, and value of Amonix CPV technology under rigorous, real-world conditions.

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