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It is well understood that solar energy power plants operate best in regions that experience a maximum number of sunny days. But not all solar technology can capitalize on existing natural resources to the degree that the Amonix system does.

Certain latitudes zones around the world offer optimal conditions that provide a higher capacity factor, especially during the peak periods when power is needed the most for utility-scale operation. To see a map of these zones, where utility energy can optimally be converted from solar radiation, check out the map to the right.

Solar Technology - Ideal Climate

For Amonix concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) solar technology, the ideal climate is one where there is a daily average of at least six kW hours of solar radiation for every square meter of land. 

For example, the desert Southwest in the United States is a highly favorable location for the installation of a solar power plant. And utility energy in this region is currently being produced with Amonix systems by clients such as Tucson Electric Power (TEP).

Amonix solar energy power plants have also been deployed beyond the United States. In Spain, with its sunny Mediterranean climate, a CPV solar power plant with a total generating capacity of 7.8 MW has been operating reliably since 2006, when the first of three units was installed.

Advanced Solar Technology Means More Energy

The Amonix solar power plant design incorporates the use of advanced solar technology that can make the most of the world’s abundant solar resources. The high efficiency of the photovoltaic solar cells used by Amonix, coupled with a robust dual-axis tracker that precisely follows the sun’s path, means that our CPV systems are capable of producing more energy per acre than any other solar technology.

In dry and sunny climates water is typically a scarce resource, a factor that can limit the potential of an area for cost-efficient power generation. However, Amonix solar technology does not require any water in the production of power. Only a small amount of water is required for maintenance to keep the concentrating lenses clean – a quantity that can easily be trucked in.

With eighteen years of operating experience in solar energy power plants, all under challenging real-world conditions, Amonix has taken the lead in the research, development and manufacture of solar technology for large-scale utility applications around the world.

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