Reduced Risk CPV Solar Energy Power Plants

Risk and reward are the counter-balances financiers seek to optimize every day. Amonix is helping to tilt the scales towards more reward, with deep experience in solar and a track record to prove it.

Amonix technology is proven.

The company’s products have seen eight generations of system development, and have been in the field for 18 years of real-world CPV deployments. This is true in an industry where more than half the CPV companies in business today started their businesses in 2006 or later

  • Flexibly deployed. The Amonix 7700 CPV Solar Power Generator can be flexibly deployed in increments of 60kW (AC), so customers can test with smaller projects, lowering perceived investment risk.
  • Reliable, predictable performance. Performance data proves that Amonix products are very reliable, with minimal downtime, and their electricity output is within 1% of Amonix model predictions. 
  • Long life. Amonix systems have been certified by third-party engineers for a 50-year useful life.
  • Market leader. Amonix technology is responsible for about three quarters of all commissioned solar CPV installations worldwide.

With the leadership and real-world track record of Amonix, any potential financial risk is significantly reduced. With its industry-leading production efficiencies enabled through multijunction cell technology, rewards are significantly increased.


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